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Crow Institute Membership: Students and Postdocs

Name Departmentsort ascending PI or Lab Position Research Interests
Jessica Drout Zoology Carol Lee Undergrad =
Danny Minahan Zoology Johanne Brunet Grad Foraging ecology of bee pollinators
Heidi Horn Zoology Cameron Currie Grad coevolution; symbiosis; species interactions
Tiago da Silva Ribeiro Zoology Carol Eunmi Lee Grad Population Genetics, Adaptation, Demographic History
Lucas Nell Zoology Anthony Ives Grad Evolutionary ecology and genome evolution
Gavin Jones Wildlife_Ecology Zach Peery Grad Conservation Biology, Quantitative Ecology
Karen Vanderwolf Veterinary_Medicine Tony Goldberg Grad fungi, microbiology, ecology
Parker Tenpas Psychology Dr. Allyson Bennett Grad Biology of Brain and Behavior
Pierce Edmiston Psychology Gary Lupyan Grad Cumulative cultural evolution, language evolution
Holly Cho Other Prashant Sharma Grad Evolutionary-developmental biology, modularity, arthropod evolution
Gabriela Hamerlinck Other Postdoc
Sam Million-Weaver Other Grad Microbiologist turned science writer. Worked on replication-transcription conflicts
Rafael Arevalo Other Center for Wood Anatomy Research Postdoc
Sam Krabbenhoft Medicine Grad Modeling tumor growth and metastasis using evolutionary principles
Scott Hartman Geoscience Shanan Peters Grad Paleobiology, major extinctions, mode & tempo in evolution
Robert Hall Genetics Undergrad Genetics, evolution, botany.
Mark Nolte Genetics Payseur Postdoc Adaptive evolution; Genomic patterns of adaptive evolution; developmental biology
Quinn Langdon Genetics Hittinger Grad population genomics
Jered Stratton Genetics Payseur Grad Adaptation, Complex Traits, House Mice
Michelle Parmenter Genetics Payseur Grad Genetics of mammalian skeletal evolution
Marc Chevrette Genetics Currie Grad Secondary Metabolism, Microbial Genomics, Computational Biology, Chemical Ecology
Andrew Hasley Genetics Pelegri Postdoc genetics, genomics, transcriptomics, ecology
Quentin Sprengelmeyer Genetics Dr. John Pool Grad Population Genetics, Evolution
Henry Chung Genetics Sean B. Carroll Postdoc Molecular Basis of Ecological Adaptation and Speciation
Michael Kartje Genetics Bret Payseur Grad Population genetics; recombination rate evolution
Megan Frayer Genetics Payseur Grad hybridization and speciation
EmilyClare Baker Genetics Hittinger Grad yeast, evolution, genomics
David Peris Genetics Chris T. Hittinger Postdoc Evolution, Biodiversity, Biotechnological Applications, Ecology, Genomics, Origin of Life
Alessandra York Genetics Doebley Lab Grad evolution, domestication
April Peterson Genetics Bret Payseur Grad meiotic recombination
Amy Dapper Genetics Payseur Postdoc Evolutionary Genomics, Evolution of Recombination Rate, Rapid Evolution
Kirsten Gotting Genetics Cameron Currie Grad
Christopher McAllester Genetics Grad
Mary O'Neill Genetics Pepperell Grad population genetics of infectious disease
Wei Xue Genetics John Doebley Postdoc Domestication
David Loehlin Genetics Sean Carroll Postdoc Adaptive evolution of gene function
Meihua Christina Kuang Genetics Dr. Chris Todd Hittinger Grad Metabolic network evolution, gene duplication
Richard Wang Genetics Payseur Grad evolution of meiotic recombination; speciation
Mike Crossley Entomology Sean Schoville Grad Adaptation by insects to agricultural management practices
Michael Crossley Entomology Sean Schoville Grad Adaptation to management strategies by insects in agroecosystems
Sumeet Katariya College_of_Engineering Grad
William Raskopf Cell_and_Regenerative_Biology Undergrad I am an undergraduate hoping to intern at a lab studying my passion - evolution.
Jacob Golan Botany Pringle Grad Fungal Dispersal
Melody Sain Botany David Baum Grad Evolution, Genomics, Plant Sexual Systems, Plant Sex-Determination
Savannah Gentry Botany Pringle Lab Grad Fungal pathogens
Lena Vincent Botany David Baum Grad Origin of life; Astrobiology
Kelsey Huisman Botany Dr. Kenneth Cameron Grad Teagueia orchid phylogeography, current genetic structure, and microbiome associations.
Nora Duncritts Botany Anne Pringle Grad Fungal evolution and ecology
Giovanny Giraldo Botany Ken Cameron Grad Evolution, Botany, Systematics, Biogeography
Chloe Drummond Botany Sytsma Grad Plant biogeography, systematics
Jeremy Dixon Biology_Core_Curriculum Undergrad
Tim Scallon Biology_Core_Curriculum Undergrad
Hannah Seidel Biochemistry Kimble Postdoc evolution and development
Michael Braus Bacteriology Thea Whitman Grad Proton Motive Force, Microbial Ecology, Uncultivable Soil Bacteria, Biogeochemistry
Christian Loyo Bacteriology Briana Burton Undergrad Natural Transformation in Bacteria, Competence, Horizontal Gene Transfer