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Crow Institute Members: Staff, Emeritus faculty/staff, and others

Name Department Research Interestssort descending
Tracy Smith Medicine
Philippa Claude Zoology
Christy Stewart Horticulture
Darwin Tichenor Philosophy
Darwin Tichenor Other No Departmental Affiliation
Christy Stewart Horticulture
Patricia Becker Nursing
Guy Plunkett Genome_Center_ofWisconsin bacterial genomics and evolution
Robert Jeanne Entomology Behavior of social insects
Jill Oberski Zoology biodiversity, systematics, arthropods, insects, arachnids, harvestmen
Jonathan Ide Biostatistics_Medical_Informatics Bioinformatics, evolution, modeling
Philippa Claude Zoology cellular biology, evolution
Jeremy Glasner Genome_Center_ofWisconsin Developing and apply computational and experimental tools to study the evolution of bacterial genome
Paul Williams Plant_Pathology Development and distribution of rapid cycling brassica for genetics and teaching
Claudia Irene Calderon Horticulture evolution and ecology of crop domestication
Matthew Aliota Pathobiological_Sciences Evolution and transmission dynamics of arthropod-borne pathogens
Kristin Jenkins Institute_for_Biology_Education Evolution education and outreach; Science education
Mara McDonald Genetics Evolution of birds; Ecology; Behavior
Trey Sato Other Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center Evolution of drug tolerance and metabolism in yeast
Davorka Gulisija Zoology Evolution, Genetics
Ingrid Jordon-Thaden Botany evolutionary systematics of plants
Claudia Irene Calderon Horticulture genetics of domestication, phylogenetic analyses, conservation biology
Daniel Levitis Botany Life history evolution
Karen Steudel Zoology Locomotor energetics; Human evolution
Millard Susman Genetics Microbial genetics
Millard Susman Genetics Microbial genetics/molecular genetics
Dana Geary Geoscience Patterns and process of macroevolution, especially in relation to paleoecology
James Coors Plant_Breeding_Plant_Genetics Plant breeding and quantitative genetics
Jerry Kermicle Genetics Plant genetics
Scott Woody Biochemistry Plant genetics, genomics and evolution; K-16 science education
Guy Plunkett Genetics Prokaryotic genome organization and evolution; genome annotation.
Kevin Niemi Institute_for_Biology_Education Science education
Ann Burgess Biology_Core_Curriculum Science education
Janet Batzli Biology_Core_Curriculum science education; ecology, genetics, evolution education
Andrew Wetzel Other Wisconsin Union Science outreach / communication. (Non-scientist education background.)
William Saucier Botany Species and speciation, homology, plant evolution, floral development, origins of life
Deric Bownds Zoology Structure, function, and evolution of the human brain
Amanda Hulfachor Genetics Yeast Carbon Metabolism and Evolution