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Crow Institute Members: Faculty

Namesort ascending Department Research Interests
Daniel Young Entomology Systematics, diversity, natural history, phylogeny, and zoogeography of Coleoptera
John Yin Chemical_Biological_Engineering Virus-host interactions, systems biology, microfluidics, pre-biotic chemistry
Brian Yandell Statistics Statistical genomics
Yiqun Weng Horticulture
Donald Waller Botany causes and consequences of inbreeding; pop. genetic structure; gene flow; mating system evolution
Kalin Vetsigian Bacteriology Microbial ecology and evolution; Systems biology
Ophelia Venturelli Biochemistry Systems and synthetic biology of microbes
William Tracy Agronomy Maize breeding and genetics; Evolution of sweet corn
Kenneth Sytsma Botany Plant systematics and biogeography
Karen Strier Anthropology Primate behavior, ecology, and conservation
Tony Stretton Zoology Neuropeptides in the nematode _Ascaris suum_
David Spooner Horticulture Solanum and Daucus phylogenetics
Elliott Sober Philosophy Philosophy of science; Units of selection; Parsimony; Foundations of statistics
Prashant Sharma Zoology Macroevolution; phylogenetics; evodevo; biogeography.
Larry Shapiro Philosophy Philosophy of psychology and biology
John Nicholas Schweitzer Law Law and the teaching of science, especially evolution, in public schools
Sean Schoville Entomology Ecological and evolutionary genetics; Insect conservation and biogeography
Sushmita Roy Biostatistics_Medical_Informatics Evolution of regulatory networks; Machine learning; Systems biology
Sebastien Roch Mathematics Mathematical phylogenetics
Vatsan Raman Biochemistry protein evolution
Anne Pringle Botany evolution and ecology of fungi, aging, modularity, individuality
John Pool Genetics Population genomics and the genetic basis of adaptive evolution
De-Ann Pillers Pediatrics Molecular evolution; Population genetics
Shanan Peters Geoscience Paleobiology; Sedimentary geology; Earth systems evolution
Nicole Perna Genetics Microbial genome evolution
Caitlin Pepperell Medicine Ecological and evolutionary interactions between humans and human pathogens
Bret Payseur Genetics Evolutionary genetics, population genetics
Jonathan Pauli Forest_Wildlife_Ecology terrestrial vertebrate ecology and conservation, diverse ecosystems and techniques
Sara Patterson Horticulture Evolution of fonio Digitaria exiles, and orphan grass of West Africa
John Orrock Zoology Spatial dynamics of ecology and evolution; Predator-prey interactions; Conservation biology
Lynn Nyhart History_of_Science History of science (incl. evolution), biology and society, relations btwn elite and popular science
Michael Newton Statistics Theory, methodology, and application of statistical inference in biology
Trina McMahon College_of_Engineering Microbial ecology and evolution in natural and engineered systems
Laurence Loewe Genetics Connections between population genetics and molecular systems biology; Multi-locus simulations
Richard Lindroth Entomology Evolutionary ecology; Chemical ecology; Plant-herbivore interactions; Global change ecology
Carol Lee Zoology Evolutionary genetics and physiology of invasive species
Bret Larget Statistics Bayesian phylogenetics; Statistical applications in biology
Clay Kelly Geoscience Micropaleontology and paleoceanography
William Karasov Forest_Wildlife_Ecology Physiological ecology of terrestrial vertebrates
Shawn Kaeppler Agronomy Maize; Quantitative genetics; Functional genomics
Jiming Jiang Horticulture Plant molecular cytogenetics; Centromere function and evolution
Anthony Ives Zoology Community ecology, population biology, evolution and behavior
Evelyn Howell Landscape_Architecture Preservation, restoration, and management of native plant communities
Chris Todd Hittinger Genetics Evolution of yeast carbon metabolism; Yeast biodiversity; Evolution of genetic regulatory networks
John Hawks Anthropology Paleoanthropology
Lucia Gutierrez Agronomy Quantitative Genetics and Statistical Genetics
Linda Graham Botany Evolutionary origin of fundamental land plant traits
Walter Goodman Entomology Insect metamorphosis and reproduction
Irwin Goldman Horticulture Breeding and genetics of cross-pollinated vegetable crops
Tony Goldberg Veterinary_Medicine Evolutionary ecology of infectious disease
Thomas Givnish Botany Ecology, evolution, systematics, and biogeography
Daniel Gianola Animal_Science Quantitative and statistical genetics; Genome-enabled prediction; Animal breeding; Complex traits
Audrey Gasch Genetics Evolution of environmental responses
Joan Fujimura Other
Eve Emshwiller Botany Ethnobotany, plant domestication, evolution of polyploidy, systematics of Oxalidaceae
Dick Dubielzig Pathobiological_Sciences Comparative ocular morphology
John Doebley Genetics Evolutionary genetics
Colin Dewey Biostatistics_Medical_Informatics Computational and statistical methodology for biological sequence analysis
Natalia de Leon Agronomy Plant breeding; Quantitative genetics; Maize
Cameron Currie Bacteriology Coevolution, evolutionary ecology, evolution of cooperation, symbiosis
Michael Cox Biochemistry Recombinational DNA repair, mutation, evolution of radiation resistance
Susan Coppersmith Physics Theory of complex systems
Nansi Jo Colley Opthalmology Eye development and evolution
Kenneth Cameron Botany Plant Systematics; Phylogenetics
Johanne Brunet Entomology Gene flow and pollination biology
Karl Broman Biostatistics_Medical_Informatics Statistical genetics, QTL mapping, recombination
Grace Boekhoff-Falk Cell_and_Regenerative_Biology Development and evolution of nervous systems
Mark Berres Other Genetic structure of natural avian populations, avian mating systems, avian vocalizations
Andrew Bent Plant_Pathology Plant disease resistance mechanisms
David Baum Botany Evolutionary and systematic theory; Plant evolution and developmental genetics; Origin of life
Craig Atwood Medicine The Reproductive-Cell Cycle Theory of Aging; Endocrinology of aging
Alan Attie Biochemistry Molecular genetics of type 2 diabetes
Cecile Ane Statistics Statistical methods for phylogenetics and molecular evolution; Comparative methods
Jean-Michel Ane Agronomy Symbiotic associations between plants and microbes
Richard Amasino Biochemistry Plant development