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Faculty and staff associated with the J.F. Crow Institute for the Study of Evolution are in multiple departments across several colleges at UW-Madison. Please use the sortable table below to find their information.

Name Departmentsort descending
de Leon, Natalia Agronomy
Kaeppler, Shawn Agronomy
Tracy, William Agronomy
Ané, Jean-Michel Agronomy
Boekhoff-Falk, Grace Anatomy
Fallon, John Anatomy
Berres, Mark Animal Science
Gianola, Daniel Animal Science
Hawks, John Anthropology
Strier, Karen Anthropology
Currie, Cameron Bacteriology
Vetsigian, Kalin Bacteriology
Amasino, Rick Biochemistry
Attie, Alan Biochemistry
Cox, Mike Biochemistry
Broman, Karl Biostatistics & Medical Informatics
Dewey, Colin Biostatistics & Medical Informatics
Newton, Michael Biostatistics & Medical Informatics
Baum, David Botany
Cameron, Ken Botany
Emshwiller, Eve Botany
Givnish, Tom Botany
Graham, Linda Botany
Sytsma, Ken Botany
Waller, Don Botany
McIntyre, Pete Center for Limnology
Yin, John Chemical & Biological Engineering
Brunet, Johanne Entomology
Goodman, Walter Entomology
Lindroth, Rick Entomology
Young, Dan Entomology
Payseur, Bret Genetics
Carroll, Sean Genetics
Culbertson, Michael Genetics
Doebley, John Genetics
Gasch, Audrey Genetics
Perna, Nicole Genetics
Vierstra, Rick Genetics
Loewe, Laurence Genetics
Hittinger, Chris Genetics
Pool, John Genetics
Geary, Dana Geoscience
Kelly, Clay Geoscience
Peters, Shanan Geoscience
Roden, Eric Geoscience
Nyhart, Lynn History of Science
Goldman, Irwin Horticulture
Jiang, Jiming Horticulture
Spooner, David Horticulture
Howell, Evelyn Landscape Architecture