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Department course #sort descending Title Credits Instructor(s) Semester
Horticulture 555 Plant Functional Genomics and Bioinformatics 2-3 Krysan, Patrick Spr
Genetics 561 Introductory Cytogenetics 2-3 Jang, Jiming Spr
Botany 563 Phylogenetic Analysis of Molecular Data 3 Baum, David Spr
Genetics 575 Human Genetics 3 Payseur, Bret Fall
Biostatistics 576 Introduction to Bioinformatics 3 Dewey, Colin Fall
Anthropology 603 Seminar in Evolutionary Theory 3 Hawks, John Spr
Microbiology 607 Advanced Microbial Genetics 3 Roberts, Gary Fall
Zoology 611 Comparative and Evolutionary Physiology 3 Lee, Carol Spr
Zoology 612 Comparative and Evolutionary Physiology LAB 2 Lee, Carol Spr
History of Science 615 The History of Evolutionary Thought 3 Numbers, Ronald Fall, Spr
Anthropology 619 Biology of Mind 3 Hawks, John Fall
Genetics 629 Evolutionary Genetics 3 Variable Fall
Genetics 645 Modeling in Population Genetics and Evolution 3 Andrews, Peter variable
Anthropology 658 Ecological Models of Behavior 3 Strier, Karen Spr
Biology 675 Evolution Seminar 1-5 Perna, Nicole Fall, Spr
Genetics 677 Evolutionary Systems Biology 3 Loewe, Laurence Fall
Genetics 677 Population Genetics 1-3 Payseur, Bret Fall
Biochemistry 711 Sequence Analysis 2 Palmenberg, Ann Fall
Biostatistics 776 Advanced Bioinformatics 3 Dewey, Colin Spr
Math/Stat 833 Stochastic Processes in Evolution and Genetics 3 Roch, Sebastien Fall 2012
Genetics 875 Genomic and Proteomic Analysis 1-4 Nicole Perna and Audrey Gasch Fall
Entomology 903 Seminar in Evolutionary Entomology 1 Lindroth, Richard Fall
Botany 940 Seminar in Plant Systematics and Evolution 1 Variable Fall, Spr
Zoology 956 Phylogenetic Comparative Methods 1 Variable Spr