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Departmentsort descending course # Title Credits Instructor(s) Semester
Geoscience 110 Evolution and Extinction 3 Geary, Dana Fall, Spr
Geoscience 117 Life in Extreme Environments 3 Roden, Eric Fall
Geoscience 541 Paleobiology 3 Geary, Dana Fall
History of Science 615 The History of Evolutionary Thought 3 Numbers, Ronald Fall, Spr
History of Science 333 History of Modern Biology 4 Nyhart, Lynn Spr
History of Science 343 The Darwinian Revolution 3 Nyhart, Lynn Spr
Horticulture 555 Plant Functional Genomics and Bioinformatics 2-3 Krysan, Patrick Spr
Horticulture 338 Plant Breeding and Biotechnology 3 Kaeppler, Shawn Spr
Horticulture 501 Principles of Plant Breeding 3 Goldman, Irwin Spr
Horticulture 500 Molecular Biology Techniques 3 Variable Spr
Math/Stat 833 Stochastic Processes in Evolution and Genetics 3 Roch, Sebastien Fall 2012
Microbiology 425 Environmental Microbiology 3 Weimer, Paul Spr
Microbiology 450 Diversity, Ecology, and Evolution of Microorganisms 2 Currie, Cameron Spr
Microbiology 607 Advanced Microbial Genetics 3 Roberts, Gary Fall
Philosophy 523 Philosophical Problems of the Biological Sciences 3 Sober, Elliot Fall
Zoology 612 Comparative and Evolutionary Physiology LAB 2 Lee, Carol Spr
Zoology 360 Extinction of Species 3 Temple, Stan Fall
Zoology 410 Evolutionary Biology 3 Waller, Don Spr
Zoology 510 Ecology of Fishes 3 Vander Zanden, Jake Spr
Zoology 511 Ecology of Fishes LAB 2 Vander Zanden, Jake Spr
Zoology 520 Ornithology 3 Variable Spr
Zoology 956 Phylogenetic Comparative Methods 1 Variable Spr
Zoology 260 Introductory Ecology 3 Ives, Anthony Spr
Zoology 611 Comparative and Evolutionary Physiology 3 Lee, Carol Spr