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Teaching Resources

Teaching Evolution Short Course for High School and Middle School Teachers, July 13 - August 9, 2015

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Additional Teaching Resources

There are dozens of websites about evolution around the internet, and it can be difficult to know which ones provide accurate information. Below we have listed some of the sites we have found to be reliable and informative sources about evolution in general. We have also begun to compile resources about specific topics in evolution, which we will add to periodically.

Resources on Specific Topics:

General Resources on Evolution:
General websites about evolution: 
Understanding Evolution
The Evo101 section provides general background information and the Evo in the News section provides text and podcast stories on recent evolutionary biology.
Understanding Science
Sister site to Understanding Evolution, this site addresses the nature of science which underlies many of the misunderstandings about evolution. We recommend the interactive Process of Science chart.
Holiday Lectures on Evolution, from HHMI
Video lectures and short demo clips from Sean Carroll and David Kingsley.
The Evolution Symposium
Includes videos of presentations and supporting educational materials for this annual event at the National Association of Biology Teachers meeting, co-sponsored by AIBS and NESCent.
Tools for teachers: 
Modeling for Understanding in Science Education (MUSE)
A module developed at the University of Wisconsin to guide exploration of natural selection.
An online lab that allows students to explore the connections between phenotype and genotype at the level of genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, and evolution.
PBS Evolution
A collection of materials and activities which may be used with the Evolution video series or independently.
National Center for Science Education
Information about the controversy surrounding teaching evolution in public schools.
Resources from Crow Institute Members:
John Hawks weblog
Blog by UW Anthropologist John Hawks about paleoanthropology, genetics, and evolution.
Remarkable Creatures
Column by UW Geneticist Sean Carroll in the New York Times Science section.
Tree Thinking with the Clade Race and Pipecleaners
An activity about tree thinking and how it is possible to use character traits to reconstruct evolution. Great for all ages!
Basic Tree Thinking Assessment
A short quiz (with answers) to test your tree thinking abilities.
Video Interviews with UW Researchers (links will take you to our YouTube channel):