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Diversity in Evolutionary Biology Panel Discussion

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Diversity Panel on December 6, 2018! We hope that you enjoyed the conversation and that you will continue to have conversations about these issues going forward! 

According to the recent campus climate survey, “four out of five students indicated that valuing diversity is ‘very or extremely’ important.” But how do we value diversity? What barriers prevent us from increasing diversity? What behaviors prevent us from being inclusive and welcoming? How can we do better within our evolutionary biology community?

If you want to talk about these issues and more, please join us for our panel discussion on Diversity in Evolutionary Biology!


Date: December 6, 2018

Time: 5:30pm to 7pm

Location: Genetics Room 1111 


Visiting Panelists:

Dr. Cassandra Extavour, Professor of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology and Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Harvard University 

Dr. Extavour will also give the Evolution Seminar at 12:30 pm on December 6th in Genetics/Biotech Room 1111. 





Dr. Verónica Di Stilio, Associate Professor of Biology, University of Washington 

Dr. Di Stilio will also give the Biology Colloquium at 3:30 pm on December 6th in Birge Room B302. 






Local Panelists: 

  Dr. Anne Pringle (Moderator), Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor of Botany and Bacteriology 







  Dr. Bruno Agudo, Wittig Postdoctoral Fellow in Feminist Biology                                    






Melody Sain, Graduate Student in Botany







Questions? Want to get involved? Please contact Megan Frayer (mfrayer[at]wisc[dot]edu).

Need help with childcare to attend this event? Please contact us!

Organizing Committee: Megan Frayer, Tiago Ribeiro, Meoldy Sain, and Jered Stratton

This event was made possible by a Celebrating Women in Science and Engineering Grant from WISELI, the Women in Science and Engineering Leadership Institute. We are grateful for their support!