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Darwin Day 2014: Alien Invasions - Evolution of Real Life Bodysnatchers


This year's Darwin Day will explore the evolution of parasites - organisms that have evolved to invade other organisms' bodies.  The events include an exploration of parasites in the movies, three invited speakers, known for their exciting science and ability to engage the public, and a wide array of family-friendly interactive booths presented by members of the UW-Madison science community.

February 6-8, 2014 (Discovery Building and Union South; UW-Madison)

  • Feb 6. 7pm (Marquee Theatre, Union South): Evolution Movie Night / Hybrid Cinema
    • Hybrid Cinema: Parasites in the Movies.  Jim Healy (Director, UW Cinematheque) & David Krakauer (Director, Wisconsin Institute for DIscovery)
  • Feb 7, 7pm (De Luca Forum, Discovery Building)
    • Invasion of the Parasites: Birds! Chris Balakrishnan (East Carolina University)
  • Feb 8, 10-2 (Town Center, Discovery Building)
    • Tree of Life - Family-friendly, interactive science booths
  • Feb B, 2:15 (De Luca Forum, Discovery Building)
    • Viruses, Corals, and the Origin of the Immune System (Forest Rohwer, San Diego State University)
  • Feb 8, 3:30 (De Luca Forum, Discovery Building)
    • Denizens of the Deep Revealed: A Global Look at Shark and Ray Tapeworms.  (Janine Caira, University of Connecticut)

For more information contact Alison Scott


In addition to the departments and other units that are annual supporters of the Crow Institute (listed here), the following departments have kindly provided financial support for Darwin Day 2014: Agronomy, Anthropology, Geoscience, and an anonymous Darwin admirer.


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