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Undergraduate Study in Evolutionary Biology - The Evolution Option


Evolutionary Biology Option

The undergraduate evolutionary biology option allows Biology majors to concentrate their studies in evolution and to have this reflected on their transcript. Since there is no Evolutionary Biology major available at UW-Madison, this is the only mechanism to indicate specialization in this rapidly growing and popular field. In taking this option students will be able to fulfill their intermediate/advanced biology requirement with courses that emphasize evolutionary biology, ranging from a required courses in fundamental evolutionary biology to more advanced optional courses that cover a wide range of evolutionary biology topics. Students also participate in the required Undergraduate Evolution Seminar course, which meets with the Evolution Seminar Series in the spring semester. For more information visit the link below, or email Nicole Perna.

Biology Majors - Evolution option


Who should enroll in this Major?
Students with broad interest in the biological sciences who want to:

  • Prepare for graduate study in evolutionary biology or related fields
  • Prepare for professional studies (e.g. medical school, veterinary school, dentistry)
  • Concentrate their biological studies in evolutionary biology

Students majoring in Biology must complete 31 credits of biological coursework plus the college requirements for a B.S. degree in either the College of Agricultural (CALS), or the College of Letters and Science (L&S).


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