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Graduate Study in Evolutionary Biology

There are many opportunities for graduate students to study evolutionary biology at UW-Madison. Students are distributed among several departments and programs, and come together through seminars, the Evolution Reading Group and Journal Club, and various events throughout the year.

The five primary graduate programs associated with the Institute are in the following departments. Please visit their sites or explore the information below for more information about graduate study in evolution through the J.F. Crow Institute at UW-Madison.

You can also contact current Evolutionary Biology graduate students from various departments for a student perspective.



Integrative Biology

Other affiliated departments include:

For Prospective Students
If you are considering studying evolution at UW-Madison, the first step is to identify possible advisors (see the Faculty Directory) and then contact them about which program would be the most appropriate for you. Because the Evolution Institute is cross-college and cross-department, you might find potential advisors in several different programs with interests that coincide with your own. The faculty members are your best resource for determining which department or program you should apply to. Plans are afoot to offer a joint PhD in Evolutionary Biology, which would allow graduate students to simultaneously obtaining a PhD in evolution and another field. Watch this space....

We recommend that students not only take courses in evolution, but also make an effort to get involved in outreach efforts. There are many ways to do this, including helping with Darwin Day, participating in Science Expeditions, or getting your lab to do activities with the community. Visit our Outreach pages.

Resources for Graduate Students